How to write a hook bridge and thesis topics

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Thesis Statements and Hooks for a sturdy essay!

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Thesis Statements and Hooks for a sturdy essay!

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Topics to write a Hook, Bridge, & Thesis What do YOU think we should ARGUE about? Thesis Extroardinary introductions for Argument writing Examples: Imagine living in a world where there are no trees.

How do Americans sleep at night knowing that children are going to sleep hungry? I can classify parts of an introduction as a Hook, Bridge. A bridge is simply put one or two sentences used to connect the hook and the thesis statement, so that the whole essay runs smoothly.

You would use a bridge sentence to create a smooth transition in your introduction, so that no sentence is out of place.4/4(1). Using Bridge Statements. One of the most important bridge statements in an essay, within the introductory paragraph, sets the scene for the reader.

The opening statement usually functions as a "hook" or attention grabber to draw in the reader.

How To Write A Hook Bridge And Thesis Writing

After this comes your bridge statement, which explains how the opening is relevant to the thesis. The answer to your question is the thesis statement for the essay every time! You are making a claim with your thesis statement. Writing Hooks. Strategies to use to catch your reader’s attention in the very first sentence of your essay.

1. Begin with a simile or a metaphor. Ex. My life has been a carnival. Ex. My family is like an open book. 2. The hook is followed by the connecting sentences, which build a bridge between the hook and the thesis statement, explaining the main topic of the essay to the reader.

The thesis should provide the reader with a clear idea of the focus and structure of the essay. write for 5 minutes, create a thought cluster, etc. Hook Context Thesis Body Paragraph (repeat as needed) Topic Sentence Concrete Detail Analysis Transition Sentence Conclusion Summary Significance No architect would construct a building without a detailed floor plan; why would anyone attempt to write.

How to write a hook bridge and thesis topics
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