How to write allons-y in gallifreyan

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How to write in Gallifreyan

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Write your name in Gallifreyan

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Terminal Decay

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How to write Gallifreyan. I'm going to try to write you a letter in gallifrey!

Gallifreyan T-Shirts

How to write Gallifreyan. I haven't started Doctor Who yet (dang I'm behind on everything) but I want to learn this Day Ten's of course, Allons-y! Although I love eleven and his Geronimo, allons-y is just so darn catchy. Find this Pin and more on DOCTOR WHO by Em. There's no "official" lexicon to the circular Gallifreyan script we've seen in Doctor Who, but Loren Sherman has a guide to writing in it.

It looks cool, and it can be your own private code. Calling all Whovians! If you’re traveling, whether for a road trip or via air, and don’t have a TARDIS handy, don’t worry. You can still get your Doctor Who fix with over 70 great resources we’ve found - fun crafts, apps, printables, snacks, and more.

Transliterating English into Gallifreyan was fairly basic, with only a few exceptions to keep in mind, and Rose was sure she could pick up the alphabet pretty quickly.

River Song

"Write something for me," Rose said. The Doctor replied, "But there's only one way to be sure, Allons-y!" He opened the doors and walked out with Rose right behind him.

They had landed on a normal street in London, Earth, 21st Century. Originally primed with two layers of "Vallejo" Heavy Brown, the Gallifreyan's trainers, shirt and tie were painted using either Heavy Red or White, and appropriately washed with "Citadel" Carroburg Crimson or "Vallejo" Pale Grey.

How to write allons-y in gallifreyan
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