How to write an historical novel

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How to Write a Novel in Two Months

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1. Write the story you’d most want to read. Don’t write a story just because you think it might be a bestseller or that it would make Great Aunt Edna proud.

Think about the books you love, the ones you really lose yourself in. If those are mysteries, then don’t try to write an historical. The Historical Novel (): Georg Lukacs, Hannah Mitchell, Stanley Mitchell, Fredric Jameson: Books.

7 Steps To Write Your First Novel. (1) Understand what you’re writing and why. Before you put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, it’s worth stopping for a moment to think clearly about what you’re doing. Harry is site founder and author of historical novels Glory Boys and The Lieutenant’s Lover.

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First, authors of historical fiction need to write good fiction, meaning a strong plot driven by strong characters and prose, but the historical genre does make a difference to the writer, all the same. Writer’s Digest has an excellent article, "How to Write Historical Fiction: 7 Tips on Accuracy and Authenticity,".

Write Your Novel: 6-month Program

Those wanting to dip their toes in the water should read first. In order to write good historical fiction, you need to do research, stick as closely to facts as you can, and ensure a good self-publisher.

How to research for a historical novel Writing historical fiction books takes more research, obviously, than a romance novel or a collection of poems.

How to write an historical novel
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How to Write Historical Fiction - Types of Novels