Poverty in ireland

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790,000 people living in poverty in Ireland: Social Justice Ireland

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790,000 people living in poverty in Ireland: Social Justice Ireland

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Poverty in the United Kingdom

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How poverty in the United Kingdom is defined and measured Historical statistics on poverty [ edit ] The table below shows the percentage of the population in poverty derived by three different measures: relative poverty (earning less than 60% of the median), the National Assistance scale and the Supplementary Benefits scale.

Facts about Poverty introduces you to the concepts, causes and effects of poverty in Ireland.

Consistent Poverty Rates

Measuring Poverty explains the methods used to gather and analyse data on poverty. The Statistics page links you to the principal source of Irish poverty data, the annual EU-SILC.

In Ireland, data on poverty is collected and published by the Central Statistics Office (CSO). Two measures of poverty are used by the CSO to calculate the rate of poverty in Ireland: at risk of poverty and consistent poverty.

THE NUMBER OF people living in poverty in Ireland has increased by more thansince the onset of the recession – meaning thatpeople in Ireland currently live in poverty. Many consider “consistent poverty” a more accurate measure of real deprivation.

This includes people who are both living under the poverty threshold – which in was an after-tax income of €10, – and experiencing enforced deprivation. More thanpeople are living in poverty in Ireland, includingchildren and 68, pensioners — with the gap between the poorest and richest increasing since the recession began.

Poverty in ireland
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Poverty in Ireland - Statistics