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Pre-Christian Slavic writing

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Get this from a library! Pre-Cyrillic Slavic writing and pre-Christian Slavic culture: materials of the first international congress, May [V N Skvorcov;]. When talking about this topic, many people commonly throw out the Book of Veles as it was proven to be a literary forgery.

This, however, greatly. In his book An Account of Letters the monk wrote about two periods of the development of pre-Cyrillic writing used by Slavs.

The first period coincides with the pagan era, when people used a system of scratches and notches (better known as “strokes and incisions”) for divination and reading. No extant evidence of pre-Christian (i.e. pre-Glagolitic and pre-Cyrillic) Slavic writing exists, but early Slavic forms of writing or proto-writing were mentioned in several early medieval sources.

The Slavic Mystery. While the Teutonic people used the runic writing system and the Celts used a system called Ogham, the situation for pre-Christian Slavic writing is more mysterious. This book is not about the great epic myths of ancient times, but rather about folk beliefs, customs, and traditions which demonstrate how mythology.

Pre-Cyrillic Slavic writing Save Pre-Christian Slavic writing is a hypothesized writing system that may have been used by the Slavs prior to Christianization and the introduction of .

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