Teen pregnancy in the media

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Teenage Pregnancy

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What’s Missing From Teen Pregnancy in TV, Film

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Teenage pregnancy

The Guttmacher Recollection's figures, however, tertiary married nineteen-year-olds along with younger, unmarried cross girls. Amy's tale is familiar terrain in the media landscape. Teen pregnancy has become a hot plot device lately, showing up in two new television shows--ABC Family's "Secret Life" and NBC's "Baby.

Frequent exposure to TV sexual content was associated with a significantly greater likelihood of teen pregnancy in the three years following exposure.

Portraying the risks of sex in television shows appears to help educate teens about the potential consequences of sexual behavior. It was the summer of As school doors across America closed behind hordes of scattering students, the principal of a high school in Gloucester, Massachusetts, made a comment that would launch his community into the media spotlight overnight.

Teen Pregnancy: The Tangled Web

Pregnancy is the number one killer of women aged 15 to 19 worldwide. Each day, someyoung people, mostly young women, are infected with curable sexually transmitted infections and. May 04,  · She is a noted expert on entertainment industry trends and the impact of entertainment media on children and popular culture.

Dr. Drew talks to MTV's "Teen Moms" at 9 p.m. ET/PT Wednesday on HLN. Remember, pregnant teens need access to all options available to them—not judg ment. Finding out they're pregnant is a sensitive and emotional time for a teen, her family, and her sexual partner.

Whatever her decision—to become a parent, make an adoption or kinship care plan, or have an abortion—it will likely have life-changing consequences.

Teen pregnancy in the media
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Teen Pregnancy: The Tangled Web