Teen pregnancy trend

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Why is the teen birth rate falling?

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Teenage pregnancy levels are at their lowest levels since records began. Are young people too busy online to get pregnant? Parenting is hard work! No matter what your profession is, being a parent is your most important & rewarding job.

These fact-filled expert articles offer parenting tips, life-changing insight and easy ways to become a better parent.

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Baby sucks big cock, spreads legs. Recent trends: father forbidden. Apr 28,  · #Trending: A Hope Center & Teen Pregnancy Many of us parents would love to live in denial that our kids does not nor will not know much about sex till they get married, even then we are still a little nervous of them knowing that information!

2. Explain Safe Sex. Explaining birth control options is an important part of educating your teen daughter about safe sex, suggests many Circle of Moms members. "As a mom, I am already teaching my. Source: Rural Adolescence Pregnancy Project.

(). Unpublished data. Chapel Hill, NC: Cecil G. Sheps Center for Health Services Research.

Teen pregnancy trend
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