Wallgreens operational management

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Pharmacy Software

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IBM OpenPages Operational Risk Management

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When he retired from Walgreens inCrawford was executive vice president and president of Walgreen’s pharmacy, health and wellness division, where he was responsible for all aspects of strategic, operational and financial management for the division.

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Dec 13,  · But it makes sense for Fred’s to buy some Walgreens operations because the management team at Fred’s knows the Walgreens operations and its real estate quite well. Walgreens made a blood-testing deal for Theranos wellness centers without fully validating the technology, worrying that Elizabeth Holmes might balk if the drugstore chain pushed too hard.

Businessweek ranked our Information Systems Program No. 23 and Operations Management Program No. 62 nationwide. Our mission is to help you effectively lead business initiatives by analyzing and improving processes using technology. We'll inspire you and help you develop into an effective business leader in processes, technology and analytics.

Wallgreens operational management
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