Writing a letter to someone in heaven

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Letters to Heaven

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I hope to grow old with you and for the rest of my life be comforted by your presence. You are that special someone for me. I know this as well as I know there is a God in heaven.

Letter To Heaven - Poem by Rachel Loveday

I promise you that you will be that special someone for me forever. Related Articles. Jun 05,  · Re: Grandma dying how do i write a letter my grandma and I were same and same. she wore red, I had to put red on. she had a headache, I would have a headache! we were same and same up until she passed away.

she was the best! A letter allows us to do just that. Through letters, we can express our feelings that we may not be able to say in person.

Sitting down and writing a letter to express heartfelt feelings can be liberating, even therapeutic, especially in this fast-paced, digital world. It is a letter that I thought I'd never write.

"My dad" seems such a strange phrase to me, but that is what you are. We have never had a conversation, and I suppose this is the closest I will get. Euthanasia is a tough decision -- one that evokes so many different feelings. If you have just recently had to make such a decision, read Annie's letter to her human family.

It was written by a thoughtful and caring husband and father who witnessed family members suffering from self doubt -- suffering from the "Did we do the right thing" syndrome even after long and sincere consideration of. She writes, “Letters from Heaven.

This week Abby turned For her 1st birthday we asked all our loved ones to write her a letter to be put in a time capsule that would be opened 17 years later.

Writing a letter to someone in heaven
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Until We Meet Again, Grandpa. I love you. | A Letter to my Grandpa Pettit - Laura Radniecki